Interested in buying a commercial Property in Pune ?

Look no further, VB Capitol is the only property you have been looking for. VB Capitol is designed to catch & hold the gaze of absolutely anyone. Its G+11 Tower is studded with sleek & contemporary architecture elements that are enamoring to the highest degree!

Have a look through some of the highlights of the project.

1. Location 

VB Capitol is located in one of the prime spot of the city i.e Bhosale nagar. The connectivity of the location to the cities top landmarks is what makes it special.

2. Architecture 

VB Capitol has one of its kind architecture. The special care has been taken on how sunlight enters the property. The harshness of the sun is blocked by the wall simultaneously care has been taken that the pleasant light enters the property.


3. Interior Design

The column less design of the floors not only leads to increased visibility but also caters the essence of modern design. The columnless floors will help you get a increased usable area.

4. Parking 

Parking has always been an issue for the offices located in the centre of the city. But with VB Capitol you don’t need to worry about it. We have 4 tier parking which can accomodate 60+ cars at a time.

5. VB Quality Assurance

With VB Capitol you get a quality assurance from the renowned Vikas Bhatewara Ventures. Timely delivery, customer centric service and high quality construction are the basic services which VB Ventures have been successfully providing for over a decade.

You can visit to know all the details of the project.

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