VB Capitol

VB Capitol is a new commercial property for sale in Pune that is designed to tower over the city! Located in Bhosale Nagar, Pune -it gives your business all the advantages of a prime location. And it’s not just about the location but also about what you see! VB Capitol is designed to catch & hold the gaze of absolutely anyone. Its P+11 Tower is studded with sleek & contemporary architecture elements that are enamouring to the highest degree!
And most importantly, with VB Capitol, you get the impeccable after-sales service of VB Ventures. So, it’s time to give your business the spotlight & advantage it deserves.

Optimises Intake if natural light & unrestricted Hill Views. AN INVITING DESIGN A Distinctive facade for every enterprise SHOWROOMS Premier Column-less Design Office Spaces

Striking The Perfect Balance

Substance & Style are two critical components of that define the appeal of almost anything in this business world. Striking a clear balance between these elements can drive your growth story to new heights. VB Capitol is designed to emulate this idea of perfect balance to give your enterprise the edge it deserves.

Explore a premier cluster of sleek & immaculately planned offices, grand showrooms, large commercial real estate spaces and more.

Capitol Advantage

  • Located at Bhosale Nagar
  • A stylistic & contemporary design
  • Equipped with top-of-the-line business amenities
  • Main road frontage for all retail stores
  • Column-free office spaces for over 70% occupancy

Project Design

The Unique And Intelligent Architectural Design is What Makes VB Capitol one of its Kind.


Of our elegant commercial offices for sale in Shivajinagar/Bhosale nagar

  • Structure
    • RCC Flat Slab
    • Vast Column Spans for Optimal Space
    • Tower Height is 40 meters
    • Ground Floor Dedicated to premium retail spaces
    • 2 high-speed elevators for up to 8 passengers each
    • Spacious 2 level underground parking
  • Interiors
    • A magnificent entrance lobby with reception desk & lounge
    • Branded Signage for the entire campus
    • Vertical gardens sprawling across all lobbies
    • Fully Equipped With Advance Fire Detection, Alarm And Suppression System
  • Smart Designs
    • Sunbreakers in place to maximise natural light without any glare.
    • Accommodates VRF Air conditioning.
    • Acoustically treated enclosures.
  • Workspaces
    • 70% occupancy on each floor
    • Column-free design
    • Vaastu-compliant
  • Retail
    • Car Showroom Spaces
    • Main road frontage of 45 feet
    • Front look showroom of 35 feet
    • Large storefront with incredible visibility
    • Strategic drop-off z
  • Backup
    • Intelligent Load Management Generators in Place
    • 100% automatic backup for common areas
  • Parking
    • 2 Levels below the ground floor,ample parking for in-house 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers.
    • Discrete provision for visitor parking

    Floor Plans

    Our of Commercial Spaces for Sale in Bhosale Nagar / Shivajinagar

    Video Tour


    Our aim is to bring you in proximity to all premier business hubs & residential locations of Pune. And the location of VB Capitol will play its part to the T. As a commercial space in Pune VB Capitol puts you right in the midst of Pune’s rich business vein.

    JW Marriott – 2 KM

    ICC Tower – 2 KM

    FC Road – 4 KM

    Balewadi Highstreet – 8 Km

    Proposed Metro Station – 3.5 Km

    Pune Station 5.5 Km

    On Going Projects


    Renaissance, at its core, means a revolution. The history of our world is shaped by renaissance. It is a movement, heralded by people who sought to change the pre-concieved notions about the way world ran.

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    - R.C.C. framed structure to withstand wind & seismic loads
    - 6`` thick AAC bricks for external walls and 4`` / 6`` thick
    AAC bricks for internal walls of light weight bricks


    The life at Aundh Renaissance defies the standard norms of leisure's by going beyond them. The surreal sense of luxury embedded within these environs offers comforts to everyone who becomes part of the homes.


    Project is Registered under MAHA RERA : P52100030465


    ABC (Apex Business Court) is truly contemporary as it is supplemented by modern design and complimented by huge frontage to make it an ideal business point.

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    The imposing structure of ABC gives a solid feel of quality and the beautiful elevation is bound to make it a point of envy for others who are not a part of it.


    ABC is truly contemporary as it is supplemented by modern design and complimented by huge frontage to make it an ideal business point.


    Project is Registered under MAHA RERA : P52100008776.


    VB Capitol is a commercial development of VB Ventures. It offers commercial shops at affordable prices. The project is well equipped with all the amenities to facilitate all business needs.

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    With every aspect planned with INGENUITY, this is what a BLUEPRINT OF SUCCESS looks like.


    Intelligent planning that has been made of all the INTUTIVE ELEMENTS.


    Project is Registered under MAHA RERA : P52100016113.


    VB Casa, is that place. A home that reflects your success with exclusivity; a home that celebrates your aspirations through intelligently planned luxury; a home that understands you.

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    An elite location tha bring you close to everything.


    Luxuries are rare, smart luxuries are rarer.


    Project is Registered under MAHA RERA : .


    VB Madhukosh is a residential development in Saidapur, Satara. The project is built by Keystone Buildscape LLP. They provide 2BHK apartments with all necessities.

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    Residential Project

    This is the age of the housing project. Which is always a prelude to the age of the cave.


    Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.


    Project is Registered under MAHA RERA : .


    We have a commitment to the community and the environment in each of the regions
    where we carry out our production activities. We take care of natural resources
    and protect native ecosystems.


    This area delivers the control you want over all critical aspects of your project.


    A good owner’s rep saves their client time, money and a lot of headaches.


    Clients hire Bauer because we deliver great value, without question.

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